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Mataliaa Al-Saud wa Fateh Al-Wadud ala Tafsir Abi Al-Saud

Zinki platform appoints the manuscript editing team, professors and researchers at the “Al-Malikiyah Center for Manuscripts Editing and Islamic Studies” in Tunisia to produce the largest book in the science of Quran interpretation known to the Tunisian country to serve the Zaitouni heritage of the imam, the interpreter Muhammad Zaitouneh:

It is a huge book in dozens of volumes. The manuscript version that the researchers are working on and the types of fonts in which it was written vary. We give an example with the first font in which some volumes of the book were written, which is the Tunisian Al-Husseini font, as in Picture No. 1. The Zinki platform was able to automatically transcribe this font with an accuracy of 94% in character recognition and an accuracy rate of 88% in word recognition. We note that this percentage can be improved.

The application made it easier for the team of researchers, headed by Dr. Ali Alaimi, Professor Haroun Boulqrinat and Professor Ayman bin Hamida, the task of reading the text, transcribing and controlling it, with the possibility of meeting copies of the manuscript and highlighting the difference between them.  All of these tasks were done in a very short time, that reduces the effort of researchers to typing, transcribing the text, and verifying the words.

The application of Zinki was previously able to identify several other types of fonts at high rates, such as the Naskh font, the Nasta’liq font, the Persian font, the Raq’ah font, the Moroccan font, and other fonts.