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Empowering Digital Collections with AI-driven Solutions

Using the most recent AI technology, we assist, governments, businesses and professionals in Converting  Records into editable and searchable Digital Content.

رسم توضيحي رقمي يصور إمكانية تحويل المستندات العربية وتعديل نصها وتحويل النص إلى كلام


Unleash the true value of Arabic resources

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Convert your Arabic documents into editable text and improve OCR accuracy

Convert your Arabic records into usable data ready to search and explore


AI-powered solutions for Intelligent Processing of Arabic records


Image enhancement, pages splitting..

Optical character recognition of Arabic scripts and recognition of Arabic speech


Document segmentation, layout detection, line segmentation, word segmentation, OCR, Speech-To-Text, image-to-text, etc.


Improving accuracy, linking images to texts, search engine, spell checking, automatic vocalization…


Versatile Record Processing Capabilities

Historical manuscripts

Mashriqi (nasikh, ferisi, taaliq, nastaaliq..) and Maghribi

Official documents

Contracts, Invoices, Institutions archive…

Early and modern prints

Lithographic and similar prints

Modern Handwritten

We can process Handwritten fonts

Old manuscripts

Mashriqi (Naskh, Persian, Ta’liq, Nasta'liq...), Maghribi

Modern handwriting

We can process Printed fonts

Modern prints & Newspapers

Early prints

We can process Handwritten + Printed fonts

Official documents

Convert Audio & Video Files into Searchable Data

We convert undiscoverable Records into usable Data using AI

We serve enterprises seeking to convert their records and archives into searchable data. We also serve entities such as public libraries, heritage organizations, and ministries looking for cutting-edge solutions to manage and preserve Arabic documents.

رسم رقمي يوضح إمكانية البحث داخل المستندات العربية بالإضافة إلى مقاطع الفيديو والصوت

Additional Customized Services

In-depth Search Capabilities for easy access to Records text content

Semantic search

Q & A capabilities within documents and books

Text Post-Processing

Text-to-Speech (TTS)

Areas of use

Services adaptable to small and large structures

Editors & Researchers

Libraries & Archiving departments ​

Companies & institutions

Education & research​


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