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Revolutionizing the processing of Arabic documents through the power of AI

We empowers publishers, academics, governments, intellectuals, and others to convert handwritten books, manuscripts and prints into machine-readable text with remarkable ease.


Unleash the true value of Arabic resources

Convert your Arabic documents into editable text and improve OCR accuracy

Convert your Arabic records into usable data ready to search and explore


AI-powered solutions for Arabic Intelligent Document Processing


Image enhancement, pages splitting..


Document segmentation, layout detection, line segmentation, word segmentation, OCR, image-to-text, etc.


Natural Language Processing (NLP), Text Analysis, Text-to-Speech, Fine Tuning, Search Engine, Topic Detection, Extraction of Useful Information, Document Classification, Named Entity Recognition, AutoCorrection, Indexing


We process a large set of document types

Historical manuscripts

Mashriqi (nasikh, ferisi, taaliq, nastaaliq..) and Maghribi

Official documents

Contracts, Invoices, Institutions archive…

Early and modern prints

Lithographic and similar prints

Modern Handwritten

We convert undiscoverable Records into usable Data using AI

We serve enterprises seeking to convert their records and archives into searchable data. We also serve entities such as public libraries, heritage organizations, and ministries looking for cutting-edge solutions to manage and preserve Arabic documents.

Areas of use

Services adaptable to small and large structures

Editors & Researchers

Libraries & Archiving departments ​

Companies & institutions

Education & research​


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